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the conscious kinds: Nurture

As part of the conscious kinds series, I am going to be meeting all kinds of people that are conscious artists, creators, entrepreneurs, makers, teachers, and now, friends.

Our first feature is shinning the spotlight on Nurture, and the incredible creator behind this company, Carolyn.

Have you ever met someone, or heard someone say something that made you wish you’d met them, or heard those words sooner?

That is how I felt when I met Carolyn. She is the creative mind and maker behind Nurture, an all-natural and ethically sourced aromatherapy, skin care and soap company based out of the Westboro neighbourhood, in Ottawa.

Making you feel an immediate sense of calm is something that Carolyn and all of her creations have in common. From the moment I walked into her space, I felt simultaneously invigorated by the fusion of scents and at home in the openness she had created.

It was serendipitous that it was the feeling of openness that was so very present when I met Carolyn because it was creating open space in her life that led Nurture to take its shape a little over a year ago.

After many years of what Carolyn described as “puttering” in soap making and aromatherapy, it was in early 2016 when Carolyn made a conscious decision to take a step back from her former profession, and create a space in her life for other opportunities.

And in very little time, in came Nurture. One simple word that is meant to reflect the nurturing nature of all of Carolyn’s creations, but also how the leap of faith to create Nurture was Carolyn's way of nurturing herself.

“Taking the decision to step back meant that I was making time for opportunity. I was able to make myself open to listening to that gentle, quiet voice that was, and always had been, pointing me in the right direction.”

The direction that Nurture has taken, is taking and will take is constantly evolving with Carolyn’s interests.

Nurture was born from a passion for aromatherapy and soap making. Weekends were first spent with Carolyn venturing to crafts shows and really putting a piece of herself out there amongst the vibrant maker community in Ottawa. Carolyn said she loved that experience, as tiring as it could be, because it meant she could connect with the people buying her product, and within the maker community.

Over time Nurture began to show up in various stores across Ottawa, and her aromatherapy business has grown to allow her to create custom blends for different yoga studios in the nation’s capital.

Where is it going now? The answer to that is simple, and ever-evolving because Nurture’s North star points toward wherever Carolyn wants to spend her energy.

For the last little while, Nurture has been all about aromatherapy, beautiful soaps, and natural skin and body care. Lately, Carolyn has been immersing herself further into mala jewelry and crystals - and the thought of combining these new passions with her love of creating blends has made its way into the picture.

Synchronicity - defined as 'the coincidental occurrence of events' is something that Carolyn mentioned on a few occasions. To me, it is something that resonated. Nurture came to be when Carolyn made the conscious decision to make space in her life, as did aconsciouskind.

Meeting with Carolyn reinforced my faith in mindful decision-making, consciously creating the life you want and most importantly, nurturing yourself every step of the way.

For those interested in locally hand-crafted and ethically sourced creations, check out the Pumpernelplum subscription boxes, (that are also incredible) or visit Carolyn’s e-store! Follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with everything that is happening, and nurturing.


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