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Top 5 Minimal Instagram Accounts to Follow

Sometimes it's the little things that make our lives whole. In this case, its these five Instagrammers that will help us find the little things - one post at a time.

I. @snapshotsofsimplicity

For those who: Are interested in a minimalist and low waste approach to life, or need to chill out, one carefully curated and seriously calming picture at a time.

Dotted with Mason jars, reusable containers and farmers' market produce - Christine's feed and dope YouTube channel are two of my go-to's for zero-waste inspiration and easy-to-apply information.

II. @minimalmess

For those who like: Flatlays, coffee shops and learning about minimalism, one carefully curated pic at a time.

Check out her awesome blog, Minimal Mess for even more inspiration and information on minimal beauty & skin-care, travel, cleaning, and everything in between.

III. @lightandminimal

For those who: Like to keep it simple, in life and online, one white backdrop at a time. Its also for those who want to start keeping it simple, but might not know where to start.

Start with a follow, then visit her blog for a deeper dive into simple living, easy tips and tricks to become more conscious in your everyday.

IV. @the.minimalist.kin

For those who: Appreciate simplicity in design, fashion, greenery and the occasional quote. They keep it simple, real and relatable.

V. @simplyfiercely

For those who: Want to get a glimpse into realistic minimalist living.

No nonsense and a touch of personal, Jennifer's feed is carefully curated and a breath of fresh air in what can be a stuffy world.

Happy scrolling!


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