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becoming a conscious kind

Its been almost five years since I started to become conscious of my impact on the world around me, understand how and when my actions aligned with my values, and then, decided to change.

Making the conscious decision to change our actions, behaviour and direction in life can be perceived as difficult. As someone who has debated change for years, I can see the truth in that perception.

However, I put emphasis on it being perceived as difficult because having the choice to make a change separates us from billions of beings on this planet that do not have the privilege of choice, or the opportunity of change.

Making these changes resulted in many names being thrown at me - and, while I’ve grown used to them, I haven’t grown into any of them. I have never been keen on labelling myself to fit into one group, because my motivation has never been dedicated to one group.

I feel compassion for all animals, am amazed by our planet, and care deeply about people that I will likely never meet. I won’t sacrifice an animal’s life, any ecosystem, or another human’s well-being for taste or luxury, to save time or money, to avoid change or reality of being different.

I realize that those values might have made me seem different. But I wouldn’t use the word different, because I believe we all share those values at varying degrees.

I would say conscious, kind and human.