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Zero-Waste on Instagram: Four people to Follow in 2018

Keeping it short, sweet and zero-waste! With the new year come new goals. This year, creating less waste, consuming mindfully and living minimally is top of mind.

These are a group conscious of individuals (and their instagram accounts) that are my go-tos to turn to for tested advice, useful information and everyday inspiration.

Leah @lifemadelight

Starting on the West coast is Leah, from life made light! She is an incredibly mindful and environmentally conscious individual, and her feed gives us a carefully curated taste of that.

For anyone: Looking to learn more about the journey toward minimalism, wearing ethical fashion, consuming less plastic and living mindfully.

Marisa @thelittleredheart

Second on our list is Marisa, a zero-waster, minimalist and craft beer lover from Winnipeg, Manitoba! Her account is a must-see for inspiration and zero-waste ideas. Her creativity is captured in her pictures and in the way she approaches zero-waste shopping, gift-giving, cleaning, decorating and living.

For anyone: That wants to be inspired and informed with every image.

Sia & Harry @zerowastecouple

Close to home, and to the heart are Sia and Harry, Ottawa's own @zerowastecouple! They are knowledgeable, determined, and always willing to share what they've learnt since starting their minimalist and zero-waste life.

For anyone: Interested in learning about anything and everything. Their feed gives us a real-life taste of minimalism, baking, and zero-waste living, with a dash of sass and humour.

Sia is also the mind behind the magic Ottawa's first zero-waste grocery store, @nugrocery!

Julie @doitforthemermaids

Last, but not the least is Julie, in Montreal! She is a zero-waste, minimalist and vegan blogger with an eye for capturing the simple moments in life. She is able to remind us of the small changes we can make to bring sustainability, awareness and kindness to our everyday.

For anyone: Wanting an honest opinion on mindful, zero-waste and minimal living, in both French and English.


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